Capability Development

Organisational Capability Development

Offers you opportunities to develop competitive advantage: near, medium and longer term. It allows shifts in capacity, product quality and affordability, desired market share/presence and prepares organisations for the predicted uncertainties inherent in the futures domain.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Needs Analysis
  • Requirements Development
  • Modernisation Roadmaps
  • Acquisition Support
  • In Service Management
  • Technology Integration
  • Concepts of Employment
  • Business Case Development
  • Acquisition and Sustainment Agreements
  • Mid-life Upgrades

Delivering Superior Outcomes


Engaging with Klepper opens doors to domestic and international approaches to capability modernisation. The team’s technology specialists develop operational concepts focused on relevant potential futures and build capability roadmaps which define milestones, set capability objectives and plot key decisions. Klepper will produce exportable artifacts to drive modernisation, will partner strategic leadership and assist modernisation staff to deliver against these plans.


At Klepper we premise requirements definition work on your product needs: the what, how well and under what conditions it is required to perform. We use a systems engineering approach to drive key artifacts: operational concept documents, supporting concepts, function and performance specifications, test documents and equipment acquisition strategies. The Klepper team will partner you compiling a Business Case which will appropriately govern your capability acquisitions.


Klepper’s experience has shown the actions required to see a capability solution acquired or established are both complex and strategically important. The team at Klepper will work with you to develop budget and workforce plans; identify Acquisition and Sustainment baselines for capability, configuration, cost, schedule, organisation and the contract itself; and establish formal agreements to deliver against Acquisition and Sustainment outcomes .


From user-testing acceptance to withdrawal from use and disposal, Klepper are positioned to provide expert advice and direct support to your sustainment management endeavours. We will work with you to drive down sustainment costs, drive up availability and position you for capability life cycle upgrades where necessary. Klepper’s expertise spans supply, distribution and maintenance functions from workforce practitioner level, to strategic management and beyond, into global networks and supply chians.

Arriving at the right decision through detailed analysis