Commercial Support Services

Commercial Support Services Team

Klepper provides a unique service to client’s in meeting their commercial expectations through providing expertise in: lifecycle project management; complex risk analysis and treatment; audit management; contract management and the provision of a range of legal services. Klepper can fill individual staff vacancies or be engaged to provide a full service with a team selected to best suit each task.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management Office
  • Risk Management
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Contract Management
  • Legal Advice and Support
  • Legal Advice and Support

Delivering Superior Outcomes


At the very core of any successful project is it’s Project Management Office (PMO). Klepper can meet your PMO needs by providing either individuals or a team of professionals experienced at all levels of PMO requirements, from PMO team members to domain specialist. Klepper’s approach to the PMO function ensures that all requirements are delivered through a knowledgeable, reliable and dependable team working together to achieve the desired project outcomes.

Contract Management &
Legal Support

The ability to navigate complex documents thoroughly and identify possible issues within contract documentation at the earliest available opportunity are fundamental in maintaining the integrity of the contract management process.
Klepper’s Commercial Support Team can meet the client’s demands in addressing the contract management demands of a project.


The ability for an organisation to appreciate its risks means that it can proactively address any issue or threat to its business operations. Klepper is able to provide organisations with the ability to identify, assess, mitigate and review risks arriving at options for management to consider in overcoming them.
With over 100 years of collective experience in risk management your investment in deciding to work with Klepper will be realised.


Klepper prides itself on having a diverse pool of skilled and experienced staff to call upon to support organisations grapple with the tender evaluation process.
Whether it is drafting Request for Tender documentation; responding to tenderer questions and/or requests for information; conducting tender evaluations; identifying risks; drafting the tender evaluation reports; and supporting contract negotiations; Klepper can support your team.

The glue that holds the organisation together