Commando Welfare Trust

Providing financial support to Special Operations Command soldiers and their families. 

We help when others cannot. Visit for further information

Who we help

The CWT provides support to members of Special Operations Command Units (SOCOMD) and their families.  Due to their specialist skills and training, special forces soldiers are at the front line performing a dangerous and often confronting job. Sadly most of those killed in recent combat operations are from SOCOMD units and many of those who returned suffer physical and mental illnesses related to their service.

How do we help?

The Commando Welfare Trust was created to provide beneficiaries with support that is outside the scope of, but complementary to, existing Defence and non-Defence support mechanisms (eg. Legacy, DVA).  The CWT is able to provide support in unique ways including; Payment of school fees, modified equipment such as wheelchairs & computers; family reunion travel and financial aid such as back to school help.

Show your support

Donations to the Trust will be applied either to the ongoing support of families left behind by the death of a loved one in the service of our country or alternately directed into making life the best it can be for the families of Commandos who are seriously injured whilst on operations. You can assist us in achieving our goal by making a donation today;

Supporting the wider Commando Family for Life