Klepper Pty Ltd is a company that values its people, its community and its country. To that end Klepper Pty Ltd operates a not-for-profit line of business designed specifically to provide emergency financial support for former Veterans and their families. If you or someone you know needs help feel free to contact us on and lets see what we can do. To date Klepper has provided to:


Army Engineer – Had a tough time during transition out of the Army and almost lost her home. Klepper Pty Ltd provided financial support by way of house loan re-payments so that she could get back on her feet.


RAAF – Having been medically discharged and separated from his wife Anthony needed support setting up a home where he could bring his two young daughters. Klepper Pty Ltd bought beds for the girls to sleep in when they are with their dad.

Wish Inc

A not for profit organisation that provides Service Dogs and training for Veterans, First Responders and Correctional Service Officers. Klepper Pty Ltd provided funding so that Whisky’s Wish could purchase an Identification making machine for their recipients.


Army Nurse – having gone through a medical discharge and a messy divorce whilst also dealing with Domestic Violence times were tough. Klepper Pty Ltd provided her with a car to assist her running the children around and getting on with her life.


Infantry soldier –  12 years Service, during this time he had multiple trips to Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq. He separated from the service and transitioned in to work in the Mining industry as a FIFO ESO specialist. On the event of a family separation, KPS provided support to ensure Robert could get back on his feet.


Clearance Diver – A 13 year veteran of the Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diving Teams, Bruce suffered from a heart attack on a beach in the Sunshine Coast which saw him dead for 4 minutes before being revived. Though its extensive veteran network Klepper Pty Ltd was able to procure and gather household items that will allow him to establish a property and re-establish connection with his sons.

Supporting those in need that have served their country