Wandering Warriors - Saluting Their Sacrifice

What wandering warriors does

We provide care, support and opportunities for Special Forces veterans and their families

Wandering Warriors is a veteran charity organisation supporting veterans and their families through Education, Employment, Respite and Mentoring programs. We also host a range of flagship events that bring the veteran community together and partner with specialised service providers for welfare and bespoke services. Head to Saluting their Sacrifice – Wandering Warriors to view more.


How KPS Supports

Klepper Professional Services (KPS) actively contributes to the mission of Wandering Warriors through donations, support for various events, and consistent attendance at functions. Our involvement aims to not only provide financial assistance but also to raise awareness and promote the comprehensive range of services that Wandering Warriors offers to veterans and their families. 

By participating in these events and leveraging our network, we help to amplify the reach of their programs, ensuring that the benefits of education, mentorship, and employment opportunities reach those in need. This multi-faceted support underscores our commitment to the veteran community and reinforces our dedication to contributing meaningfully to their ongoing welfare and success.

Serving those that have served their Communities