About Us

About the Organisation

Klepper provides high quality professional services to Government, Defence and Industry clients in the following skillsets:

  • All elements of the Training Lifecycle (demonstrated experience in government and corporate)
  • Project and Program Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Contracting and Procurement

Established in 1994 & Headquartered in Brisbane

  • Disaster Management & Defence & Security training provider
  • Selects experts to train from the Region
  • Focused on skill transfer to Host Country
  • Partnered with a Company in Brunei
  • Product agnostic-not tied to company product lines
  • Low overheads-competitive price model
  • A long history of training throughout Asia
  • Globally recognised & accredited training

Our Vision

To be respected by clients as provider of reliable, high quality, customer-focused support-services, and as a company which is appropriately staffed and invest in its skilled workforce.

To continue movements towards this vision, Klepper must maintain its focus on our customer’s needs, monitor emerging business opportunities and become actively engaged in the external procedures that initiate them. Then after linkages between client and Klepper become the key for delivering reliable, repeatable and customer-focused products and services. Importantly it is the skills, knowledge and attitude of Klepper’s personnel that drives the qualities of services delivered to our clients.

Our Mission

To provide reliable, affordable and adoptable support-services to existing clients in order to promote continuing and emergent business opportunities, that together will grow the company.

To achieve this, Klepper must protect its established support-service positions within defence by remaining engaged with, and delivering against, customer and stakeholder expectations. Beyond this prime focus, all of us have role to play identifying, exploring and realising opportunities to expand the number of company employees positioned with existing clients, and in establishing new clients for the company.

We are always here to assist you and your Business