Crisis & Disaster Management

We understand that a paradigm shift in organisational operating environments has occurred from linear and complicated to complex and hyper connected. Organisations will be constantly impacted by changes in their operating environment, from the realisation of small threats to low probability high impact events (Black Swans). Organisations must anticipate, prepare for and respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper.

Key Areas
of Expertise

  • Leadership development
  • Crisis and emergency management systems
  • Crisis communication strategies
  • Training
  • Notification and activation
  • Risk management systems
  • Business continuity management
  • Exercising and testing
  • Recovery planning
  • Information communication technology


Engaging with Klepper delivers a holistic security consulting service that provides analysis of all layers of the defence-in depth framework of your ogranisation. Our people will analyse your physical infrastructure, your technology stack and your business processes. We will ensure that your security controls are aligned to the regulatory and policy requirements.


Klepper understands the requirements for integration of enterprise SIEM and core services, such as system monitoring, security, auditing and anti-virus services and agents. We have strong experience delivering ICT capability that ensure that Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your data and systems. We will work with you to ensure that your information is kept safe and available when you need it.


Klepper has a strong background in Risk Consulting, and understands the business requirement to ensure that risk is identified, and treated to enable capability to be delivered and maintained on time and within the budget. Our staff have experience analysing both physical and ICT security risk in accordance with Industry and Government regulations and policy.


Klepper always takes a disciplined systems engineering approach to satisfy the needs of your business. We understand how to deliver and implement your systems and capability. Our staff are highly capable in all facets of systems engineering: from requirements elicitation through to testing, implementation and transition to operations.

Delivering Superior Outcomes

Risk Management

Across industries and organisations, many are recognising that risks are no longer merely hazards to be avoided but, in many cases, opportunities to be embraced. Engaging with Klepper will clarify your organisations threats and vulnerabilities and develop realistic integrated mitigation strategies as part of your overall organisational resilience strategy. Klepper’s subject matter experts will also apply better practice planning to your risk framework to ensure agility to optimise opportunities in the changing market place.

Capability Development

Klepper is able to assist organisations to match organisational obligations and needs to develop and maintain the most operationally effective and cost-efficient mix of capabilities required to achieve strategic objectives. Through Klepper’s comprehensive needs assessments we can deliver packages that develop across the fundamental inputs required for a specific capability be it training and exercise, ICT or management systems.

BCM and Recovery

At Klepper we understand that effective BCM is not about completing a standard template – the work is in the analysis, the development of awareness and ensuring the right people have the right information. Our approach centres on mitigating an organisations vulnerabilities to ensure the continued achievement of critical objectives during times of change as well as being prepared for longer term recovery operations.


Support Tools

With its partners Klepper have had extensive experience in the analysis, integration and implementation of ICT. In today’s dynamic environment it is critical to be able to access current accurate information on a stable platform anywhere, any time. Klepper can transition documented systems to more dynamic environments ensuring staff have the appropriate skills and expertise and management intent is understood and organisational shared awareness is created.

Preparing the Whole of Government community for the worst case