Our Team

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Meet the Klepper Team

Bryce Turner

Managing Director
Bryce Turner is an accomplished business leader with two decades of experience, excelling as Managing Director at Klepper Professional Services and Klepper Training Academy. His expertise spans high-performing team management, strategic project delivery, and successful navigation of government procurement processes, significantly enhancing organsational achievements and growth.

John Dunn

General Manager Professional Services
John Dunn is a seasoned Defence Department professional with extensive tactical and strategic planning experience. His roles have included Plans and Project Officer at ADF Parachute School and Project Manager at Navy Information Warfare Branch. He holds a Master in Cyber Security Operations and has completed leadership roles across various military training programs, significantly improving training practices and project outcomes.

Rachel Dunn

Executive Assistant
Rachel Dunn is a seasoned professional with eleven years in sales and event management. She has a robust history of developing professional relationships, driving sales growth, and managing high-stake events. Rachel's expertise extends to strategic marketing, business administration, and creating impactful customer experiences.

Greg Akhurst

Senior Consultant; Project Management
Greg Akhurst is a seasoned Whole-of-Government Capability Specialist with extensive experience across military, industry, and public service sectors. His career includes significant roles such as an Army Officer in the Royal Australian Armoured Corps and a Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he managed projects in joint and land capability development. Greg's expertise in strategic planning, Defence capability development, and project management is complemented by his leadership in the Modelling and Simulation community in Australia. He has been recognized with senior commendations for his contributions and seeks to leverage his technology and project management skills in future roles. Greg holds a Master of Arts in Strategy from the University of New England and various qualifications in human resources and personnel management.

Rob de Rooy

Senior Consultant; Capability Management
Rob de Rooy is a highly experienced and decorated former Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps, with a comprehensive background in logistics and operations. His career includes pivotal roles such as the Australian Defence Force Liaison Officer in Jordan and Manager of the Defence Service Centre. Post-military, Rob has excelled in logistics support and rapid prototyping projects, leveraging his strategic insight and leadership skills across various defense-related sectors.

Carly Barnard

Senior Consultant; Procurement and Contracting
Carly Barnard is an adept contracting and procurement specialist with extensive experience across Defence, Government, and commercial sectors. She has excelled in roles such as Commercial Lead for the RAAF and Team Lead at Geocon Construction, demonstrating proficiency in commercial management, stakeholder coordination, and procurement legislation. Carly's strategic contributions have significantly enhanced project delivery and operational efficiencies.

Rob O'Donnell

Senior Consultant; Project Management
Rob O'Donnell is a distinguished technical consultant with extensive experience in Army operations, notably as a Sub-Unit Commander and within the Joint Fires Program. His expertise encompasses user operation and capability management, showcased through significant roles such as Project Manager for LAND 1508-1 Tranche 1. Rob has adeptly managed project and program-level working groups, coordinating acquisition, testing, and introduction of new capabilities, including a virtual parachute training system for SOCOMD. His leadership extends to serving as a board member of the Royal United Services Institute.

Shaun Taylor

Senior Consultant; Integrated Logistics Support
Shaun Taylor is an extensively qualified Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Manager with over 45 years of combined experience in defense logistics and corporate, humanitarian, and public logistics services. His career highlights include managing the rollout of Aspen Medical centers' COVID-19 vaccination clinics, project managing United Nations operations, and developing logistics processes for the Oyu Tolgoi mining project in Mongolia. Shaun's vast international experience also encompasses significant roles with the International Criminal Court and the development of material management systems for Defence Aviation.

Vicki Rousell

Senior Consultant; Contracting and Procurement
Vicki is a Contracts and Procurement Specialist with robust experience in subcontract management, commercial advising, and contract administration across various high-profile projects including Lockheed Martin Australia and the Department of Defence. Her expertise spans drafting and negotiating proposals, maintaining subcontractor performance, and developing supplier relationships. She excels in implementing strategic negotiations and influencing within defense-related environments, supported by qualifications like Lean Six Sigma and comprehensive defense-specific training.

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